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Package details

Our training package includes:

  1. 80 hours of instructor led, classroom based training
  2. Accesss to REAL Cisco equipment for practice. Each one of our students gets physical access to their lab. Currently, each one of our labs comprises of the following:
    1. 3x 2620XM Cisco Routers with IOS 12.4
    2. 2x 2950 Cisco switches
    3. 1x 3550 L3 switch

    Noone else in Cyprus offers such a lab on a per student basis, as far as we know. And from our experience, we believe that there can be no simulated substitute to the REAL physical equipment.

  3. The CCNA 640-802 Official Cert Library (Simulator Edition) (Cost:EUR 120+shipping). The Simulator edition provides ans IOS-like environment for you to practice configuration questions and troubleshooting scenarios. We find that it is worth its money, so we are offering this.
  4. Practice tests using classroom software, in order for students to get a feel for the exam's time pressure and to validate their level of competency
Sage Nets CCNA kits
Sage Nets CCNA kits

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